KageroChart 2.0 Changelog

I deployed a major update for KageroChart today focused primarily on design. If you have not checked it out yet, please do so and give me some feedback! For the developers among you, the components and design guidelines I used are detailed over at https://material.io. The damage calculator also got some improvements, details below.

KageroChart Design 2.0

  • New Color Scheme - Varying shades of blue and gold against slightly purple black backgrounds with white text.
  • Added a Toolbar - Sticks to the top of the page as you scroll and features a hamburger menu to navigate to primary or featured pages. This replaces the 8 or so buttons we had across the top before and offers scrolling.
  • Redesigned Footer - I want to make this a little more interesting in the future, but for now it at least looks better on mobile. Less redundant linking with top navigation.
  • Completely Redesigned Homepage - New heroes are displayed much more prominently with large grid links. Video embeds instead of plain links. General aesthetic improvements across the board.
  • Removed Google Search - The search functionality was just not very good and sometimes displayed entire pages of ads. We are back to the vanilla search I implemented a while back. More improvements to come on this, stay tuned.
  • Layout and Aesthetic improvements on Hero Pages - Also added a copy button to the reddit markup sections for convenience.
  • Layout and Aesthetic improvements on Index Pages
  • Added New GHB Heroes - I am generally better about updating these, but I've been wrapped up in the redesign.
  • Google Ads - Had to be done folks. Google's ad inventory should not be a problem, but please let me know if anything is offensive or seriously detracts from your experience.
  • Disabled Google AMP - Google AMP has a number of drawbacks that are not compatible with KageroChart at this time, mostly the use of javascript

Damage Calculator Update

  • Switch UI from JQuery-UI to Material Web Components
  • Added tabs for stats and status effects
  • Swap button added to bottom of both character panels instead of above
  • Added New GHB Heroes and Tobin - Sorry for forgetting you Tobin... I am sure you will fare very well in the simulated slaughters.
  • Added New Sacred Seals - These required some work. Let me know if you find any bugs please!
  • Removed Colorless Restriction on Cancel Affinity - I have accidentally prevented people from using passives a few times now. I may not implement restrictions in the future to avoid this type of mixup.
  • Added a "Back to Top" Button - This should help usability on mobile where scrolling becomes more necessary.
  • Changed Import/Export - No longer nested in the combat log and accessible in both combat modes. Went ahead and redesigned it, too. Inb4 1000x people tell me they didn't even know this feature existed. Enjoy!
  • Removed Calc Specific Changelog - These updates will not be featured on the homepage via notice or blog post.
  • Credits Less Prominent
  • Database Integration - The damage calculator is now fully integrated and should be easier to update in the future.

Coming Soon

  • Better navigation and functional search bar (in the mean time, you can search using the address bar with /search/yoursearchterm)
  • Save and share builds for the calc and on a dedicated page.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
  • Matchups page rework.
  • Style improvements and tweaks in rough areas of the site.